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Behind the cut

Sometimes you wish you could be on the scene of a show just so you can slap a character out of their mistaken world view. So let me take a little trip to the end of the season finale of Torchwood for a moment so I can address Jack Harkness, who is still kicking himself for letting go of his brother's hand during an alien invasion:

"Let me interrupt your self-flagellating paradigm for a moment. You were, how old, a teenager? And during an alien invasion while everyone was running and screaming and carrying on your father left you to rescue your brother while he went off to find your mom? And then in the midst of all that chaos you didn't notice your little brother let go of your hand? For that you should suffer for eternity? Why is it that neither you nor your brother gives a moment's consideration to putting the blame on your father, who was really the one responsible for your safety? Or, maybe, the aliens who invaded? Don't you think you can put down that cross now?"

End rant

There wasn't a dry eye in our house as we watched the revenge rain down upon Cardiff and the deaths of Owen and Toshiko. I can't imagine where they are going next season. Both Torchwood 3 and Cardiff itself have a lot of recovering to do.

We were just blown away--kind of like Cardiff.
Tags: sci fi

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