Tapati (tapati) wrote,

When it comes to rape, shame belongs to the perpetrator

I just saw a piece on CNN about these t-shirts that declare, "I was raped." While I agree with the comments that some of the reactions might not be favorable as one walks around wearing it, I think that if a woman has come to the point in her recovery that she knows deep, deep down that the shame is not hers, that she did absolutely nothing wrong, and that it rightfully belongs to the person who committed this crime, then I think she's ready to wear this shirt. Perhaps if these become commonplace it will really educate the public. At the very least it will start some conversations.

I'd rather the shirt actually say: I was raped, and the shame belongs to the rapist.

You can find the t-shirts and also some good articles and information, here: scarleteen.com.
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