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12 August 2005 @ 12:46 pm
Used car feedback  
Anyone have used car buying advice? I'm trying to hold out for a moon roof, and prefer an automatic these days (don't want to focus on shifting with my headaches, that's all). I think foreign (Honda, Toyota, etc.) is sensible but I'd like a newer car and they seem to be holding a higher value than I can afford--unless I go back to the late nineties, generally, although I saw a moonroofless Echo or two of recent vintage. I saw a nice Honda Civic for 14600 which is over my range, a 2004...so that's how it's going. I could get an 04 Chevy Classic but...it's American. I love my country; I just wish America made better cars. The fact that my Toyota lasted 23 years and if fixed up could last a few more really sways my mind.

SO...90s Toyota/Honda/VW etc? Or 03/04 American car (NOT ford, been there, done that). How are Volvos, repair wise? One has been recommended to me--late 90s, moon roof. I will check it out, certainly.

So, the euphoria is dissolving into anxiety about making the best choice that I'll be happy making payments for.

But at least I'm getting a newer car and that's gotta be an improvement on a 23 year old car, even a sweet one like my Jezebel.

UPDATE: I just got my loan confirmation letter when I got home and saw that they stipulated 2001 and newer, so I guess I hold out for a newer Toyota or Honda if I can find one. Really, I feel most secure with them, and maybe Volvo, VW and Hyundai (who I read has really improved in quality) after that. I am seeing more ads for affordable cars in that range.

I'll just keep taking deep breaths and hope for a great deal. And oh yeah, I can light a candle to aid my search. Sometimes I forget I'm not just a passive observer. :)
Current Mood: anxiousanxious