Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Challenging another "Ism"

I used to respect John McCain as a plain talking guy who regularly worked well with Democrats--someone who put his country before blatant partisanship, in other words. I think that much is still true, but I am increasingly concerned by his pandering to the religious right wing of his party and some of the deficits of understanding he is displaying during this campaign.

However, I deplore the tactics of those who use his age as a weapon against him, as well as the comedians who are jumping on the bandwagon with jokes about how ancient he supposedly is. Men like Bill Maher who like to remind us that we ought to focus on the issues and not on personalities or extraneous issues still make jokes about McCain's age, as if "McCain's OLD!" will win the November election. Do we really hate old people that much? It reminds me of Reagan's line that "I won't hold your youth or inexperience against you."

There are so many real reasons to oppose McCain. Here are just a few:

A.) He admitted publicly that he didn't know that much about economics and therefore he was reading Greenspan's book. If you've run for president before, and had eight additional years to prepare yourself for the job, don't you think you should have read up on the subject in that time? You don't have to be an economist to be president, but you do need to know enough to intelligently discuss the issues with your economic advisers. The fact that the current president can't is probably one reason why we're in a recession.

B.) Not once, not twice, but three different times John McCain said Iran was allowing Al Quaeda operatives to train there and return to Iraq. Only when Joe Leiberman corrected him did he apologize for his gaffe and substitute the word extremists. He's either doing this out of genuine ignorance (and this stuff is supposed to be his strength!) or he's deliberately trying to makes us all think that Iran and the people behind 911 are in bed together, just as Bush did with Saddam, so we'll get behind another useless war. Either alternative is alarming. (Source.

C.) He wants to stay in Iraq with substantial forces, when our forces are depleted, have been on active duty too long, and we no longer can afford to fund such a sustained effort. Additionally, occupation and colonialism just exacerbate our strained relations with the entire middle east. The Iraqi government will lean on us as long as we allow them--and we need to make it clear that it's time for them to grow up and take charge.

D.) His stated intentions to cut spending overall but continue the war and Bush tax cuts (to the wealthy) mean that services to the poor will likely be cut and any steps towards national health care will fail for lack of funds. Here his lack of knowledge of economics or basic budgeting really shows.

E.) His stated support for "right to life" (except on the battlefield) means that the next Supreme Court Justice will likely feel the same on this issue.

As we continue to listen to his plans and ideas for the future I am sure I will have other comments.
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