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Update to Mini Madness

Ok, I flirted with the Mini. She's awfully cute and she came with an optional ipod dock and great speakers (really what matters in a car).

But I came down to earth and realized I'd have no disposable income if I bought her, and a lease would be over in a couple of years with nothing to show for it.

So I got approved for 13000.00 to spend on a recent used car. I will be shopping online and off every spare second! My first car loan ever. I have never bought a car younger than 8 years old.

I have to pinch myself. All my austerity and paying down my credit cards has really paid off. Yes I'd hoped to pay them down all the way and get a new new car, but really this is far more sensible as a car depreciates as soon as you drive away.

Tags: car, finances

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