Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Cat in Heat

For a few weeks now we've been afflicted with the lovely howling sounds of a female cat (queen) in heat. Pets are allowed in our complex and we suspect it might even belong to the apartment manager. (The one glimpse we got looked like his.) I suppose it could be a stray but it is in our complex every night, so I believe it belongs to someone here or else is fed by someone here. I finally put a note in the drop box--anonymous and typed--complaining about the noise and asking the manager to try to find out whose cat this is.

I have never wished so fervently for a cat to get laid.

I am intensely angry at whoever allowed this cat to get to maturity without being properly spayed. I am sure that they are not professional breeders and if they were, it wouldn't be allowed out at night to be impregnated by any stray male cat wandering by. It must be as hellish for the poor cat as it is for us to listen to night after night. If you've never heard this loud and painful-sounding yowling, you are lucky.

I hope the owner isn't getting laid either.
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