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Legislation for Chronic Pain Sufferers



Make Your Voice Heard!

So many of the problems that contribute to poor pain care in America can be solved by people affected by pain speaking out. Please join us in the fight against pain. We need you to speak out now and speak out often.

Together we can:
· Cause improved pain legislation and pain policy
· Expand research on pain conditions
· Increase coverage for comprehensive pain management services
· Improve access to pain management services

It's Time To Act!

Speak out on the following issues:

Congressional Hearing on Pain
Congress will be holding a hearing on Pain In America in September 2005. In order for this hearing to be successful, we must work to have every member of the Health Sub-Committee attend the hearing. CLICK HERE to send a letter to every member of the committee.

Pain Care Policy Act H.R.1020
The National Pain Care Policy Act (H.R. 1020) was reintroduced March 1, 2005 by Rep. Mike Rogers. With its reintroduction, the task of gaining all new co-sponsors is underway. As supporters of this bill, it is our immediate task to help this bill gain needed support to pass during this congressional session.

It only takes a few minutes to use their online form to send an email to your representative. Please consider doing so--not for me, but in the interest of better help if you ever suffer chronic pain.

If you already do suffer from chronic pain, or know someone who does, check out this great site:


You'll be glad you did.
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