Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Whirlwind of grandsons

My daughter, recuperating from her sprained ankle, decided to give her hosts a rest and visit our area for a week or two. She and my grandsons spent the night on Wednesday and turned our apartment upside down. This is the smallest space we've ever had them all in and it was quite a squeeze. It was wonderful to see Valente--he had gone on to Utah a few months ago to stay with his aunt and cousins, so we had really missed him while he was gone. I showered them with books I've been saving for them for years--chapter books rather than picture books. I figured why not save the postage money? I hope they keep them away from their aunt, though, as she reportedly has the habit of turning the cover all the way back when she opens up a paperback book! She borrowed a set of books from my daughter and when she returned them, every one of them was completely bent backwards! I would ask if she was raised in a barn but she literally was! (Given that her dad was my first husband, who I've written about extensively here, and who kept them in poverty all their lives, I guess it's not surprising.)

I had to rest up all day yesterday after they left. I can't say exactly why they tire me out so, other than requiring vigilant attention all day long in our not-so-childproof environment, but they do. But it's a blissed out tired, like going to an all day rock concert in the hot sun.

Jonathan said, "I'm very intelligent--I know that five plus five equals ten!"

I got my stitches out and can do more with my right hand though it still reminds me sharply when I try to do too much. Making a fist is impossible and other acts which contract my fingers are painful. Writing by hand hurts. But I can do a little vegetable chopping and cook more easily so that's progress.

The nerve pain in my fingers still comes and goes but less often than over the weekend. The doctor said it would lessen with time and it is likely the ulnar nerve. He gave me an anti-inflammatory prescription which I will take when it's persistent. He said I can use ice as well.

I've progressed to worrying about the appearance of the scar--there's always something! You'd think with the major scars I already have that it wouldn't matter so much. But no woman likes to have a scar. I know over time it'll fade anyway, so I won't dwell on it too much.

I had a dream last night that I was kidnapped. I found some paper and a pen and was desperately trying to write a note to my loved ones in case I was killed. I remember writing, "I want you all to know how much I love you."

I hope everyone in my life already knows that.
Tags: dreams, grandsons, surgery
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