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For all of you fantasy/sci fi lovers out there: Enchanted, Inc. by Shanna Swendson. I absolutely loved this book and the author's fresh take on urban fantasy conventions. Her heroine is special precisely because she has NO magical talent or ability whatsoever! But she is possessed of abundant common sense and humor, and she is offered a position in a magic firm because people like her are able to see the reality behind illusions and are immune to magic being used on them. After reading this book from the library I am ordering the other books in the series.

She also has a livejournal: http://shanna-s.livejournal.com/

Amid the personal entries are entries with advice about the writing craft and marketing your work.

ETA: Because chick lit was in vogue at the time the first book was being published, it was marketed as such and ended up being shelved under general fiction rather than fantasy. The series has less so-called chick lit as it goes on, apparently, but even this first book was clearly fantasy to me. Yes it's a young woman in New York, we do hear about a few dates, and we do learn about her work life in both her mundane job and then her new magic-related job--but all in a really smart and humorous way and as a great counterpoint to the fantasy elements. As the first book goes on it is more and more solidly in the fantasy camp and I just have to scratch my head as to how it really sold as chick lit. (I gather for a short time publishers thought it would be great to combine the two genres, hence the undead and unwed series.)

In any event, don't be fooled, this is fantasy. I also enjoyed reading about a character from the middle of the country since those of us in the flyover zone tend to be marginalized and overlooked. The main character is from Texas.
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