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Ramya is off to Utah

Ramya and my oldest grandson, Jonathan, are off to Salt Lake City, Utah. They left last night just after midnight. She intended to leave sooner after stopping at our apartment but I made her sleep for a few hours. She'd been running all day on three hours of sleep, did the last morning of her paper route, packed the car, cleaned her apartment for inspection, and so on. By the time she arrived at our place she looked like she was ready to collapse from exhaustion. I got her to take a nap and then let her sleep for a good five hours. They say tired people can be as impaired as those under the influence, so I wanted her as fresh as possible for the trip. If we had another bedroom I'd have let her sleep a full eight hours, but we had too few beds and too many people, and no couch--just a love seat that my grandson fell asleep on.

My other grandson, Valente, has been in Utah with his cousins for a few months now. So finally the brothers will be reunited, though Jonathan said he didn't really miss his younger brother. :)

I'll have to figure out some way to visit once she gets her own place. Initially she'll be staying with her half sister and brother in law. They have two little girls, to match Ramya's boys.

Of course I am really sad to see them go. I loved having them fairly close. Best was when we lived in the same town and walked together nearly every day. That was a wonderful time. It was the spring she was planning her escape from her abusive husband, and so we walked and we schemed and talked about life in general. We became closer than ever.

For awhile she tried to make it in L.A., but that didn't work out for her. Back in the town I used to live in she tried for months to get a place to live in a ridiculously high rent area. Finally she got a little postage stamp of an apartment for 895.00 a month. You could fit most of that place into my living room--and we're not in a large apartment ourselves! It was also in a high crime area frequently plagued with thefts, knife-fights, and gun battles. Utah at least promises cheaper rents more in keeping with what a single parent can do.

So while I am sad I am hopeful that my daughter and grandsons will have a better life where they're going. It would be great for them to grow up with their cousins, too. Ramya and her sister can trade babysitting and generally help each other out.

Yesterday also marked the final surgery on Dave's arm. I went with him on Wednesday to have more of the tumor removed, then they bandaged it and rushed the pathology report to make sure they got it all. So he went back yesterday to get closed up, and they gave him the good news that they finally got it all. Who knew this half inch lump on his arm would turn into this huge subterranean tumor?

He's in a lot of pain and I am trying to make him take it easy. He went back to work both days, amazing me, but he said it was good to have something to do and focus on besides his arm. I guess, but I don't know how he worked with the pain.

All in all, an emotional week and I'm glad we have some comedy to look forward to. I'm just trying to be gentle with myself and do nurturing things for me and for Dave.

ETA: they arrived safely, though she almost got a speeding ticket--fortunately the cop she blew by at 90 mph was very nice and let her off with a warning!
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