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In the family cookbook I am working on, I want to provide basic recipes as well for things like household cleaning agents, home made paint and play dough, and so on, for younger generations who are just starting out keeping house (whether male or female). Here's one of those recipes:

Mildew Scrubbing Solution

1/3 c powdered laundry detergent (less if concentrated)
1 quart liquid chlorine bleach
3 quarts of warm water

Add the bleach to the water first and then add detergent. Use a bristle brush to scrub the mildewed area. Rinse the area thoroughly and then towel-dry. This can be used for most painted surfaces as well as the shower and tub. Use rubber gloves in a well-ventilated area. Be cautious not to splash into eyes—if working on surfaces near eye level consider using protective goggles. Caution: do not ever mix ammonia and bleach—the fumes are lethal!

To limit mildew growth, remember that mildew thrives on moisture and in dark areas. Provide adequate ventilation, control the humidity, and monitor dark areas behind furniture carefully to catch mildew early and prevent it from getting out of control. In a humid climate consider using a mildew-preventative chemical in your paint.
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