Tapati (tapati) wrote,

John Edwards to drop out of race, CNN says


I am really shocked because I just got two emails from his campaign yesterday (I signed up to follow events). I am surprised if the Florida results affected his decision since no delegates were awarded from that race. I thought he'd hold out for Super Tuesday. Perhaps he has a preference for either Hillary or Barack and thinks his candidacy will rob his favored candidate of the votes they need. He had previously said he was in it all the way, and I was glad because he brings so much attention to poverty.


Let's see if he does make the official statement they are expecting in New Orleans at 1 p.m.

I was frustrated that the media was not giving him a fair level of coverage--you sometimes forgot there was a third person still running. I guess it's hard to be a white man running against a woman and an African American man!

ETA: He did indeed announce that he was leaving the race, and that he had spoken to both Obama and Clinton who agreed that they would place issues of poverty and the needs of poor working people at the center of their campaigns and their presidency.

His speech:


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