Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Busy weekend

Dave and I engaged in a flurry of housekeeping on Saturday, and then on Sunday I went back to the area I used to live in to visit a dear friend, bringing another dear friend with me who also moved away. The weather was atrocious for such travel, especially across a winding mountain highway, and I was spacey from migraines so twice I missed exits I was supposed to take. Just glad nothing worse happened. Lunch was wonderful and it was good to catch up with my friends. I am sad that we live so far away now. I used to see them so much more often. But I guess that's the way life is.

Meanwhile my daughter's departure for Utah (have I even written about that here?) is getting closer and closer. Her apartment must be vacated on the 7th of February. So yesterday I drove over to the same area (sunnier trip over mountain highway) to see her again and run some errands (anniversary related). I got her soon to be new address, which made me a little less anxious--at least I know where she'll be now. I will have to find ways to get out there regularly because there's no way I'm just going to have a phone relationship with her and my grandsons.

Dave not only gave up his concert, he quietly arranged for us to go away for the weekend to an area we honeymooned in when our original plans got canceled due to severe storms. (We got turned back because a bridge had crumbled--those who were there had to be airlifted out and left behind their cars!) I really think I should keep this guy for at least another ten years, what do you think? :)

In my old hometown, I ran around yesterday and found a couple of anniversary presents and some nice cards for anniversary and Valentine's Day. I really love how this time of year supports my anniversary buying because of all the hearts and flowers and V-day paraphernalia on sale. Basically I just devote the whole month of February--my favorite month--to LOVE.

I also have to vote soon via my absentee ballot and am still struggling with this very tough decision. It is boiling down more and more to how these three excellent candidates would fare in the general election. I love John Edwards but if he can't do well in the primary, how will he do against a Republican? Does Hillary have too much baggage? Is Barack too inexperienced? Is he too idealistic to actually get stuff done? Argh!!! I wish the choice were easier!
Tags: anniversary, love, marriage, politics, ramya

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