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24 January 2008 @ 04:31 pm
John Edwards on poverty  
I am sorry to see John Edwards getting lost in the focus on gender and race during this current election. He is as good as Hillary or Barack on all the issues and deserves more media coverage than he gets. In particular, I am pleased with his stand on poverty and the emphasis he has placed on this in his campaign. You can read his specific proposals here.

Barack Obama also has a page directly addressing poverty.

Hillary Clinton addresses many of these same factors in her combined pages on the issues, but does not have a specific page addressing poor people's issues and needs, probably because few poor people vote, having decided no one cares about them. I sent a message to her campaign suggesting that poor people won't become voters if no one convinces them that they really care about them, and that if you have a page about middle class people's issues you should have one about poverty too. I do remember well the many things Bill Clinton did to help poor people, and many did escape poverty during his presidency, so I know these are issues that she cares about.