Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Dave's surgery

Dave's surgery went well. Once again they'll need to examine the margins of the tissue removed to see if they got it all. They went all the way down to the muscle this time and he's experiencing much more pain. The first two times he didn't even take anything for the pain, but this time he was really hurting and had to take some strong pain killers.

If he has to go back to get still more taken out it will have to be in the hospital next time, rather than the doctor's office.

We have our fingers crossed that the pathology report will indicate that he doesn't need any additional surgery.

The whole experience is a great argument for going in sooner rather than later if there's any suspicious lumps or if any mole or benign growth suddenly starts hurting when you press on it. (A doctor had previously told him that it was benign, as it is, and said for him to come back in if it ever started hurting. He delayed going back for a few months after he first started to experience pain if it was pressed against something. It turned out to be a fast growing benign tumor.)

I hope the pain goes away soon. He's got to be more careful this time not to pull out stitches, as well. He was kind of pushing the limits of what he was supposed to do before but I think he's going to be more careful this time. Perhaps the pain is a good reminder not to do too much.
Tags: dave, surgery

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