Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Grandson bliss

I cannot begin to express the bliss of being a Grandmother. Really, it's incredible. It's like taking all the best parts of parenting and distilling it!

So I picked up my oldest grandson, Jonathan, yesterday and brought him home to spend the night. His brother is in another state right now visiting his aunt and cousins. My husband, Dave, is a step-grandpa, and has really come to love his grandsons and learn a lot about interacting with children. He used to have more trouble being firm but has gotten a lot better about that. Jonathan is six years old now so it's also easier to take care of him. We took turns with him, Grandpa playing video games with him while I got dinner, we watched tv together, gave him his bath (he was delighted since they have a shower at home), and settled in to sleep. He slept beside me on my full sized bed and fell out of bed once in the night. He wasn't even fully awake and didn't remember it the next morning. I got very little sleep so after I made breakfast in the morning Grandpa took him out to the park and an arcade while I took a long nap. Then in the afternoon Jonathan helped me make oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies, half of which went home with him. I wrote the recipe down on a card to start off his recipe collection and had my chance to indoctrinate him into the cult of men who know how to cook and clean and believe they should do so. Bwahahaha!

He got the rest of his Christmas presents--he was sick over Christmas when he was originally supposed to come over. I didn't get half the stuff done what I had planned so we hope to have him over again within a month. I guess it's just as well he didn't come on Christmas because I was still in the grips of caffeine withdrawal. I'm all better now!

On his little recipe card I wrote down, "made with Grandma on 1-01-08" so he'll always remember the day.
Tags: cooking, grandsons, jonathan
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