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I ran across this quote from a Vaishnava forum today:

The sayings of the Sufi Saint Rabia came to my mind:

"O My Lord,
If I worship Thee for fear of hell,
Burn me in hell;
if I worship Thee for hope of Paradise,
Exclude me thence;

but if I worship Thee for Thine Own sake,
Withhold not from me Thine eternal beauty."

The true nature of such a sublime, all-absorbing love,
is beautifully brought out by the following anecdote regarding Saint Rabi'a :

Oneday she was asked,
"Do you love god?"

She unhesitatingly said,

Again she was asked,
"Do you hate Satan?"

Equally unhesitatingly, she replied,

"No, my Love for God leaves no room for hating Satan.

My Love for God has so possessed me that no place
remains for loving or hating any one except Him."

(An excerpt from the book - "Woman Saints of East and West")

I still retain the goal of unconditional love of the Divine from my Hare Krishna days, so this captivated my imagination.
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