Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Interesting perspective on V-day



It's very difficult to criticize V Day without sounding anti-woman or pro-violence. Dare we ask why so many feminists think women have cornered the market on being victimized by violence? Will we sound too insensitive in mentioning the violence caused by poverty, hunger, and wars that affect women, men and children of every gender? Are we to ignore all the wives who verbally abuse and dominate husbands? Shall we pretend there are no mothers who all too frequently raise a hand to punish a child? It's almost as if feminists insist on ignoring the power that many mothers wield in the home to preserve the image that all woman are helpless victims incapable of violence.

Could we cut to the chase and say that the source of violence against women comes from the extreme fundamentalists in all the major religions including Christians, Jews, Hindus and Muslims? That all forms of authoritarianism exercised by both women and men are the source of violence along with ignorance and prejudice?

For years there has been tension between so-called "pro-sex" feminists and feminists who want to condemn all erotica and pornography and focus more on the victimization of women. I can see the perspective of each camp and would have to place myself somewhere in the middle. Sometime when I don't have a migraine I'll write some more about these issues.
Tags: clitoris, dodson, domestic violence, ensler, erotica, feminists, rape, sex education, vagina, violence

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