Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Should Rowling Shut Up?

Over at Salon, Rebecca Traister explores the phenomenon of an author continuing to tell the story after the last book has been written:

Dumbledore? Gay. J.K. Rowling? Chatty.

One of the points made in letters was that outing Dumbledore after the books were written was a great idea because it gave fans a chance to love him first, then find out he's gay, thus increasing the odds that they'd accept his sexual orientation and not reject him as a character because of it. Plus would her books be in schools if one of her characters--a headmaster no less--was written as overtly gay? How would his relationship with Harry been viewed if we'd known he was gay from day one? My view wouldn't have changed but some parents would have been alarmed and might have forbidden the books to their kids.

Rebecca looks over the text and examines the evidence--I have to say there were subtle hints here and there.

I do have to agree with Rebecca when she points to Rowling revealing what Petunia was tempted to say when she last saw Harry. I was imagining that she might want to apologize for not being a better surrogate mother to him. I would have preferred to go on imagining that. I also thought Harry would end up as a teacher and Headmaster after being an Auror, and he still might. I mean, one would probably have to be fairly young and fit to be an effective Auror, and after a few battles and injuries I imagine one would look for a less physically taxing career. Given his love for Hogwarts, of course Harry would come back there someday. I suspect many of us have a picture in our minds of an elderly Harry someday nurturing the next hero of a new story.
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