Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Operation birthday for mother in law--success!

We had my in laws over this evening to celebrate my mother in law's 56th birthday. Her name is Judy and she's an absolute sweetheart! She's the complete antithesis of the stereotypical interfering mother in law. She's been nothing but supportive even though I'm sure an older woman who didn't plan to have more kids wasn't her dream of a daughter in law.

Judy was accompanied by her husband Mike, equally sweet, and Dave's feisty Grandpa Andy, 91 years old and still active in ballroom dancing. I suspect he'll outlive me!

I made (and I mean made from scratch) pizza and two fancy salads for them and we found a good bakery over here for the cake. I am tired now and a little tipsy from the wine we bought for Andy. He tries to have two glasses of red per day, though he waters it down these days with ice.

Judy shares the same birthday of my deceased Aunt Gin, so it's always easy for me to remember. My aunt was born 13 minutes after midnight on September 13, 1939.
Tags: andy, birthday, celebration, dave, grandpa, judy, mike
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