Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Wow, he does have a sense of shame after all

An update on the Wiccan widow that Bush failed to meet with:

Today, during an interview on Lynn's nationally syndicated radio program "Culture Shocks," Stewart also commended Bush for apologizing.

"I just now got off the phone and personally spoke with President Bush," Stewart told Lynn. "I am happy to say that he did give me his deepest condolences. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and I do have to give him kudos that he at least took the time to call, give his condolences, and apologize for the VA problem.

"He apologized for the exclusion and the error that was made and said that he admired me for my spirit and thanked me for accepting his apology and said that he hoped he would have the opportunity to someday meet me," Stewart continued. "I was very pleased with the way the conversation went, very pleased that he did call and put this right."

Lynn asked Stewart if the president touched upon her Wiccan faith. She replied that the president told her that "he would not discriminate against someone because of their religion"

With thanks again to Lark who posted on OC.

(couldn't resist this follow up, quick copy/paste. I'll be good now, LOL)
Tags: bush, constitution, freedom of religion, iraq, pentacle, politics, wicca, widow

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