Tapati (tapati) wrote,

This was low, even for Bush

Thanks to Lark on OC for pointing this out:

Bush disrespects Wiccan widow and invites other family members of slain Wiccan soldier to a private meeting. Presumably the in laws who were invited practice a religion that meets with Bush's approval.

The widow, Roberta Stewart, had been involved in efforts to get the federal government to allow the Wiccan symbol of the pentacle to be used on veterans' graves in the National Cemeteries.

Stewart said that while researching a lawsuit to allow the use of the pentacle, Wiccan attorneys came across information indicating Bush was opposed to recognition of the faith. The New York Times reported when the settlement was reached in April that Bush, in an interview with Good Morning America in 1999, said: "I don't think witchcraft is a religion."

Dear Mr. Bush--according to our constitution it doesn't matter what you think should or shouldn't be recognized as a religion. Get over yourself right now! You've begun to believe the hype about your unlimited powers a little too much. And why are Wiccans good enough to die for your stupid war but not good enough to be comforted by you in their grief?


A concerned and sometimes frightened citizen
Tags: bush, constitution, freedom of religion, iraq, pentacle, politics, wicca, widow

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