Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Obesity and poverty

Virus may cause some obesity, according to an A.P. article posted on CNN. I found it interesting that the researchers were so concerned that fat people not be totally let off the hook in terms of "fault." Why don't we stop worrying about assigning blame and focus on identifying all of the causes and finding solutions that don't involve starvation diets? Of course recently we've been informed by other research findings that not only are we at fault for our own fat, we're to blame for making our family and friends fat too! What horrible people we must be!

Meanwhile Salon had an interesting letter in Cary Tennis column, Since You Asked, about a group of people who cook and serve food at a soup kitchen and then head off to an expensive meal at a fine restaurant, and the guilt that one of the group of friends was feeling. The letters in response to this article were great, a wonderful examination of all sides of the issues involved with charity, poverty, guilt, and politics. There were also lots of interesting spiritual perspectives. It reminded me that there's a long essay about poverty that I've been meaning to write and I ought to get to it. (Interestingly, one letter stated that the permanent poor are often obese and not hungry. This is only partly true--yes obesity abounds because of the predominance of starchy foods improved only by abundant fat calories, but at times each month even the obese poor go hungry. This just reinforces the focus on food and causes a resultant binge when funds come in from jobs or welfare.)
Tags: cnn, fat acceptance, fat phobia, health, obesity, poverty, salon, virus

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