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Dave has been assimilated

My husband daveseeker just joined livejournal today. Perhaps it was my mention of friends-only entries that lured him in, I don't know. I have been telling him for a long time that he needs a good outlet for his political observations. As politically aware as I try to be, I don't spend as much time watching the in depth news programs that daveseeker does, nor can I rattle off as many names from our government as he can. Sure I know the basics but he startles me sometimes by naming some obscure cabinet member related to some news item that I never bothered to read. He'll never be one of those people embarrassed by Jay Leno for not knowing the members of the Supreme Court!

While we are both liberal, I think he is often more radical, cynical, and maybe even militant than I am. He often feels that I am too optimistic politically or that I am foolish for thinking conservatives and liberals can ever talk to each other. I think he is a bit too apocalyptic in his outlook. It makes for interesting debates at home. We're certainly never bored.

I am so happy to have him here and I am on the bandwagon of finding him some good icons and making a few. (I'm just excited that I learned how to make my own, finally.)

This will be fun!

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