Tapati (tapati) wrote,

War of the sexes

After reading some of the feminist backlash posts by men on Salon, and then reading this post about recent trends in rape prosecution, I have to wonder about the state of affairs between men and women these days. I recognize that changing a society is difficult and that the transition is rough for all concerned, especially while we have one foot in a new paradigm and possibly the rest of our bodies still lodged in the old one. But I am appalled at the bitterness and anger on both sides of the cultural divide sometimes.

Thanks to batchfile for the link. And it reminds me of the Italian court's assertion that women who wear blue jeans can't be raped since it requires their cooperation to remove the tight pants. Huh? What if the rapist puts a knife against my throat--am I being raped then if I remove my jeans for him?
Tags: culture wars, feminism, rape, sexual violence, war of the sexes

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