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08 August 2007 @ 10:26 pm
bad migraine week  
It's Wednesday evening and I'm worn out already. I've had a bad migraine week so far and I've already used up my allotted medication days (so as to avoid rebound headaches). So today I caffeinated and went to babysit G., the son of a friend of mine. I really feel for my friend, dealing with single parenting and the special education system. Been there, done that, never thought I'd make it through. I hope it helps that she can vent to me about the insanity and politics around the special ed system, especially when they jack her around because they don't want to pay for what her child needs. (The fault lies partly with them and mainly with our system of underfunding schools to begin with, pitting the needs of special ed kids against the essential things they need to run the schools. I do understand that they are under a lot of pressure to do so many things with so little money. Shows how skewed our priorities are as a society that we spend so much on Iraq and so little on educating our children.)

Anyway, I know what its like to think my child won't get what he/she needs from the school system--and frankly, mine didn't. She didn't graduate because they wore her down. Now she lives in poverty and delivers papers every night, then tries to parent by day in an exhausted state. The only reason she can even read above a first grade level is because I took that into my own hands. No thanks to the clueless school district!

So, yeah, A., I feel your pain and understand your frustrated rage. If you need me to stick a pin in a figure of your school psychologist, I'm there for you!