Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Dave's email after surgery

Hello. It is 230pm on 8/30/2001. I have just come back from the hospital.
Tapati came out of surgery around 1240pm. She had a quad bypass. According
to her doctors, the surgery went fine. Her heart started back up on it's own. She is currently in intensive care room 1208. I rather doubt she can take phone calls at the moment, and they were limiting visits to family only (although they didn't push us out, I imagine that a ~5-10 minute visit would be all I could get.) The nurses think they can take her off the ventilator today (!), and possibly even have her moving a little. I would prefer they didn't rush things, but
I'll go with what they think is best. She was slightly waking up when I was there. They were going to fully wake her up later.

I will give more details as I know more. Right now, I am just happy she made
it through the surgery alive and o.k., and look forward to assisting her in
her recovery (and future good health!)

Tags: cabg, dave, surgery

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