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Zipcars are a nice idea but not if they haven't expanded to your area yet. In fact, the web site won't even let you do a cost comparison (just to see if you want to hold out for zipcar rather than buy a car) until they are in your area. I think they ought to at least let you run the numbers on a theoretical basis!

We are down to my Miata, and when I get a job that may be a problem here. Plus her trunk isn't very large and that creates problems for us as well.

ETA: http://www.flexcar.com/ is another option, but also not in my 'hood yet.
Also http://www.igocars.org/

Second edit: http://www.eartheasy.com/live_car_sharing.htm

An overview of car-sharing with links to car-sharing companies and a list of areas they serve.
Tags: flexcar, miata, zipcar

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