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A few thoughts on Deathly Hallows...


About Voldemort...

Writers of horror--and Voldemort was all about horror--are smart if they keep their description of their dark creations vague and hint at the terrifying and sinister nature rather than show us too much. Our imaginations will scare us more than their words ever could. I think Rowling fell into a trap with her plot where she had to show us too much of Voldemort and that weakened some of my fear of him. If you'll recall, Tolkien did not ever show us much of Sauron, just hinted at how powerful and evil he was and gave us the image of that all seeing Red eye to pin onto him. We had the sense that we were just seeing the tip of the iceberg there.

In DH, to see Voldemort scurrying around in fear trying to figure out what's wrong with his wands, either original or borrowed, just made him pathetic. The analogy of wand strength and penile potency was too obvious, and thus Voldemort appeared impotent, however much he might intimidate his followers. Furthermore, showing him as someone who is so controlled by his fear of death makes him seem even more pathetic. While I am sure no bad guy wants to die, most of them seem to have an unreasonable notion that they can defeat all enemies, a swaggering self confidence. To show Voldemort's fear of death does humanize him and make him more than two dimensional, it is true, but it makes him weak just when the readers need to fear him most. I think the information about his family of origin was enough to make him more than two dimensional and I would not have built my plot around his fear of death, if I were the author. I can't argue with Rowling's financial success, but I suspect that was built more around the lovable good characters she created rather than the weak evil character.


I feel vindicated that my belief in his love for Lily being his prime motivation was exactly the case, and that Dumbledore had indeed asked Snape to kill him. I wish...oh I wish that he had a picture in the headmaster's office, that we got some scene with Lily in the afterlife where she at least thanks him and forgives him for his mudblood epithet. I always wished, throughout the series, that he and Harry could see how much they have in common with their shared childhoods of humiliation. I hoped that the occlumency lessons would have produced that effect. It might have, if Snape had continued them and found that Harry was ashamed of his father's behavior. Perhaps a double agent is never appreciated until after his work is done and his allegiance is made abundantly clear. RIP, Snape, and I am happy that Harry appreciated your sacrifice and courage in the end and named a son after you (Albus Severus Potter).

Mrs. Weasley...

Go Mrs. Weasley! They absolutely MUST keep the scene of her finishing off Bellatrix in the movie version! We've only ever gotten to see her in her maternal role--with so many children when would she have time for anything else? But we are forcibly reminded that she is a witch with all that implies, as she protects her children from the Death Eater with all the self confidence of someone who is quite adept at magic. One would think that Mrs. Weasley engages in a duel every week, as self assured as she was while confronting the evil and quite capable Bellatrix. One is reminded of a lioness protecting her cubs, demonstrating that she is no tame house cat. I hope that when her children were grown she was able to go on to doing some valuable work for the Ministry of Magic or Hogwarts.

Remus and Tonks...

Like others I am frustrated we did not get a battle scene where we got to see Tonks in her glory before giving her life for the cause. I am sad that their newborn son lost both parents...was that really necessary?


Just too sad...and his poor twin.

Percy and Mrs. Weasley...

I admit I cried buckets over this reunion, thinking of my own estranged son. I don't need an apology, but if I could just have a hug...

The Hallows...

nice story, nice back story for Dumbledore, but being introduced so late was rather distracting to the storyline in my opinion.

Harry, Ron, Hermione, and families...

Nice touch to flash forward but it just made me curious for more...to know what everyone was doing, what's going on at Hogwarts these days and so on. Professor Longbottom (Herbology) was a great little hint.

All in all I am satisfied, these are just my little nits to pick. I stayed up all night last Saturday to finish it, so it was hardly boring or disappointing. There were just as many things I liked about it as things I didn't, more probably. I have a better sense of closure than with many series, including LOTR.

I would like to see the next gen stories, set at Hogwarts, of course.

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