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Supernatural Girls Won't Wreck Show

Eric Kripke, creator and executive producer of The CW's series Supernatural, told SCI FI Wire that he's aware of the skeptical reaction among fans toward plans to bring on two female characters in the upcoming third season, but urged them to trust in the show's creative team.

"We have very, very passionate fans," Kripke said in an interview at the Television Critics Association press tour on July 20. "I think they tend to worry when they don't necessarily have to. The producers of Supernatural have not lost their minds. ... I just wish everyone would sort of settle down a little bit and enjoy the ride and wait to see what we do."

Supernatural stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as Sam and Dean Winchester, a pair of brothers who drive around the country in a 1967 Impala hunting demons and dealing with personal issues. This season there will be two new additions to the cast: Katie Cassidy (the daughter of '70s teen idol David Cassidy), who plays another demon hunter, and Lauren Cohan, who plays Bela, a mercenary dealer in demonic items. Cassidy will make her first appearance in the season premiere, while Cohan's character will be introduced in episode three.

Despite speculation among fans that the two girls were being brought on to be romantic interests for the boys, Kripke insisted that isn't the case.

"We always talked last season like, you know, if we were going to introduce female characters and do it right, they wouldn't be friendly to the boys, they'd be a raging problem to the boys," he said. "They'd be huge pains in the asses to the boys. They'd be dangerous. They'd throw nothing but obstacles in their life. They would make their lives much more difficult, not less so. And if that's the way you introduce characters, as antagonists, then you don't introduce them as love interests. And everything that's been online about 'Oh, they're going to be girlfriends to the boys' is completely wrong and fabricated."

Kripke added: "And by the way, they're not in every episode. So we can't—even if we wanted to, and we don't want to—have, like, the two gals riding in the back seat of the Impala, and everyone solving crimes together. The structure of the show does not change, which is the two boys on a mythic road trip across supernatural America. They run into characters along the way. They've run into Gordon. They've run into Bobby. They've run into Ellen. They've run into Agent Hendrickson. Now they are going to run into these two girls, in addition to all those other characters, who will be back."

Kripke freely admitted to having made mistakes in the past and pointed out that the producers have always managed to steer the show back on track. He was confident that if the fans can withhold their judgment until a few episodes in, they'll be pleased with the direction of the third season.

"I feel like season three's going to be the best season yet," Kripke said. "We're at war. Dean's got a year to live. We don't have to service the ever-growing, complicated mythology of the yellow-eyed demon. Now it's war and choose a side and pick up arms and time to fight. And it's simple and it's direct and it's emotional. Dean has a year to live and Sam is trying to save him, and Dean is just trying to have as much sex and eat as many cheeseburgers as possible. And it's sort of like we're back to kind of like the rollicking, red-blooded Supernatural, where it's fun and it's scary and it's emotional. And the stakes are bigger. And I think we're actually in a much cleaner, more exciting place than we were last year."

Supernatural returns Oct. 4 and will air Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT. —Cindy White SF Weekly
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