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Quick, abandon your fat friends and family!

A video story on CNN informs us that if we have obese friends we are 57% more likely to become obese ourselves. They go on to quote a study that indicates our behavior around food and our acceptance of a larger body type are influenced by our social network. Does this mean there's really hope for size acceptance after all?

It is odd that I haven't noticed my friends all gaining weight. What's up with that? Do they actually have minds of their own?

It does concern me that the fat phobic might be moved by this study to literally abandon their fat friends out of fear of joining them in social outcast land. True, few of them even have fat friends in the first place, but you never know.

Family members such as siblings who are fat were said to produce a 40% chance of weight gain. Men, it turned out, were more influenced by the weight of other men in their circle of family and friends than by a spouse.

The conclusion was that if we could discover how this works in social networks we could solve the increase in obesity.

Don't you think it would be more effective to encourage exercise during the work day, reduce portion sizes in snacks and restaurant meals, fast food joints and so on, and eliminate high fructose corn syrup in our food supply? Because the decrease of exercise as part of our daily work, the dramatic increase in portion sizes from candy bars to drinks to meals, and the advent of high fructose corn syrup in most of our foods, sweet or savory, has coincided with our weight gain as a nation. While we're at it, let's make sure that the food children eat at school is healthy if nothing else they eat all day is!

I will admit that twice I've had very thin friends who tried to emulate my lifestyle in order to deliberately gain weight. They followed me around and ate what I ate, did what I did. They failed to gain a single pound. Go figure.

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