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It's so great to be bisexual...I can enjoy them both.

Sam Carter and Ba'al video to Nickelback's "Saving Me."

I wish they'd pair him off with somebody so I can enjoy vicariously. The second of the two direct-to-DVD Stargate movies has Qetesh (Vala's symbiote) as his Queen, hope there are a few steamy scenes!

I have a storyline floating in my head (almost wish I wrote fanfic) about Ba'al and Sam Carter being forced to share Sam's body for a short time and coming to some kind of mutual respect, however grudging.

My X-posted plot musings from Cliff Simon forum about possible plot lines if there were ever a Ba'al series, or we at least see more of him in future Stargate universe spin offs, behind the cut.

The more I think about the story idea where Ba'al has to save the life of an SG team member in order to accomplish their joint mission by joining with him or her (I'd prefer a female), the more I realize the many dramatic possibilities inherent in the situation.

For example, in order for the arrangement to be temporary, the group would have to agree to hold Ba'al's host so that Ba'al could return to him. This is quite an ethical challenge for the group of heroes, no? Doom their companion to being a host long-term or hold this guy against his will so that he can be victimized again--what a choice!

Can you imagine how the host might react to the situation? If you were in his place wouldn't you be pleading and telling tales of your captivity to melt their hearts? Certainly you'd try to escape! What a great acting opportunity for Cliff and what a chance to flesh out the history of the host!

Meanwhile there is the dynamic between Ba'al and the new host. That could take some interesting twists and turns as we see how each affects the other and how they are affected by the memories they acquire. I personally would like for the host to be Samantha Carter for a number of reasons. It would grant Ba'al access to the memories of Jolinar--probably more access than Sam consciously has. How would his exposure to Tok'ra life from the inside affect him? I also wonder how they would regard each other once they were no longer joined--with a renewed understanding and respect? Grudging respect or more than that? Or would they have fought like cats and dogs and stay far away from each other, mistrusting the other for the knowledge they've gained?

This would have to be at least a two parter, I would imagine.

I hope there's room for such a story in the new series. I don't even feel the need to write it myself--but I do want to watch it!

Another idea I'd like to see explored is--what if the host is actually a more despicable person than the Goa'uld who takes control of his body? What if it's actually a public service to restrain him? A serial killer, say, might deserve to be imprisoned in his own body. I am reminded of the Angel episode where a demon was housed in the body of a boy psychopath and desperately wanted to escape him. Even though the demon was evil, he was evil with a purpose, not merely to cause suffering for its own sake.

We often feel sorry for Goa'uld hosts, so I thought it would be cool to play with that. Maybe such a host could be "rescued" only to have the heroes discover that things were better off the way they were.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions...
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