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14 July 2007 @ 01:03 am
"the cheapest motherfuckers on the face of the planet"  
thescottishguy was telling us about how cheap his new landlords are and I thought I would solicit evil landlord stories. How cheap was your landlord or landlady? What was your worst rental experience? How bad was the state of repair in your apartment? Were you driven to the edge of homicide?

Or...how many cockroaches does it take to screw in a light bulb?
equani_tsulaequani_tsula on July 16th, 2007 10:33 am (UTC)
oh boy...
Shall we talk about the landlord who was only waiting for his once flooded complex to fall down so he could get the insurance and get out or the place where the bathroom ceiling leaked so bad that I often stood in ankle deep water to BLOW DRY MY HAIR until the whole fucking thing went FLUP one night into the floor (you know what they did? Put in new ceiling tiles - the workmen wading in ankle deep water just replaced the ceiling tiles with water dripping down on their dumb fuck heads from the roof) or the guys who ignored it when the whole porch roof fell onto the porch (I seem to have roof problems, hmmm) for months and then tried to evict us for our CATS? Then there was the guy who thought it wasn't a problem for me to be in a house with a broken front door lock that resulted in the door hanging open, unlatchable, when I lived a block off the "strip" and had several times had drunk strangers try to walk into the house through said door so that I kept it locked at all times. This was the same gentleman who tried to convince me that a $500 a month heating bill was normal. I finally pulled off the thin, cheap wall paneling myself to discover there was nothing - not wall board, dry wall, nothing at all between us and the wood siding outside. I tried to wash the walls there once - and the paint came off. My special favorite though, is twice we moved into a house or trailer house that quite literally had no plumbing. Oh, the visible stuff was there, but when the water was turned on - it gushed out from beneath the house without ever reaching the indoors. And then there was the all bills paid place where the landlord was screaming at me for the heat. Finally he sent over his son - who broke the ice on the toilet for me and admitted it could be a little bit chilly inside that particular house. (Last I saw that house, they were using it for a storage building) Did I miss anyone? Oh yeah, the house in Sapulpa. I can't even start on that one. Lets just say that the rent was free for clean up for a year - and he should have been paying us to stay, let alone clean and work on the place. **shudder**

I can seriously sympathize about the neighbor problems, too. I worked nights and lived in a duplex next to a couple of young guys who were laid off airplane workers. They had plenty of money and no jobs - so they partied all day long, stereo blasting, people in and out and yelling and...when I went to complain they just invited me in to party. I never did get it through to them that some people WORK and need to SLEEP.

All things considered, it is no wonder I enjoyed living in a tent and the car. ROFLMAO