Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Shrine collage for Kuan Yin

When I was in L.A. I found this amazing card with an unusual representation of Kuan Yin, almost like a negative with dark skin and white hair against a black background and a red dragon in the foreground. Then I found 3 advertisements for a cruise line in some of the magazines I am tearing up that had red and white paper lanterns floating on the sea. I immediately pictured them with the card in a collage. I want to find some red Chinese silk and use that to frame it, over a mat maybe.

Photos behind the cut:

I've also been playing around with the arrangement of a collage about snakes, with images of Eve and Lilith and so on. I feel like I want to wait and look for more background images or special paper to use, so I haven't glued anything down yet.

I've got to get a mat cutter and learn to mat and frame my own stuff, plus the backlog of art I've got sitting around waiting to be framed.
Tags: art, collage, kuan yin, lilith, snakes

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