Tapati (tapati) wrote,

The latest hacker tactics

Passing on this alert from a local ISP:

The latest virus bedeviling the Internet promises you a postcard from
a "friend" or "family member." If you click on the "postcard" link,
a script will attempt to install a spam-creating bot on your computer.
The description of how it works reads like a big budget sci-fi thriller:

"Antivirus vendors had tentatively pegged the executable
malware as a variation of the Storm Trojan, an aggressive
piece of malware that has been hijacking computers to serve
as attacker bots since early this year. Computers already
compromised by Storm -- a.k.a. Peacom -- are hosting the
malware, and the attackers are rotating those machines' IP
addresses in the spam they're sending."

This is the tactic hackers are using now that we've learned to be wary of attachments. Don't click on a link from any unknown source!

I was already wary when I first saw these and looked carefully at them. They just didn't seem legit to me. If you think you are getting an e-card of some kind, ask around if someone sent it before you trust it.
Tags: hackers, postcard spam

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