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One of our livejournal members was struck on the road by a driver with a suspended license while training for an AIDS fundraising ride. He will not be able to complete the ride as he was seriously (but not fatally, thank Goddess) injured.

He is most upset that he cannot do the ride and raise more money, so we have a little drive going to help raise some extra money to alleviate his frustration, as the least we can all do.

If you'd like to help, please donate in Shawn Field-Berry's name by going to the following page:


and click on the "support shawn" button on your right.

You can read about the accident here:


Although, in the interest of fairness, the man who hit Shawn did stay with him after the accident, so we are not quite so quick to write him off as evil--it was an accident, after all. We hope this serves as a wake up call for this man to get his life together and not harm anyone else. I find it rather interesting that it was cast as a good vs evil conflict rather than asking what practically can be done to keep dangerous drivers off the road in a society where people increasingly depend on cars.
Tags: accident, aids, dangerous drivers

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