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Six Feet Under

As fans know, this is the last season of Six Feet Under, and it seems determined to go out with a bang.


With Nate falling down with a "My arm is numb. Numbarm...narm...narm...aghh THUNK" and glassy eyes, apparently not breathing from what it looked like, and no previews...it would appear that his AVM history may be repeating itself with a stroke or aneurysm. This happened right after he started to get dressed at Maggie's house after "not planning" to fuck her brains out. All while Brenda waits for them to arrive at the Quaker meeting. Note that he did not get his shoes or jacket on before collapsing. One guesses that Maggie could say he was not feeling well and that's why they didn't get to the meeting, and just as she was about to call Brenda he collapsed...but she'd better put his shoes on before the emt's get there.

Fans have heard that the next, ninth episode of the season is supposed to bring shocking changes, so we are left wondering...dead, alive, in a coma, a vegetative state, or what? We also remember his visions from when he was in surgery after the first AVM problems (arterio venus malformation) that he was being taught to speak again by a patient David. Some of those visions came true, such as a specific conversation with his first wife Lisa, and their child. There was also a vision of him and Brenda and their child. Who knows what may or may not come true from these past visions, or what the producers and writers have in store.

Waiting anxiously for Sunday!

Funniest exchange:

Lawyer Ted: So was that you I saw climbing out of a lime green hearse yesterday?

Claire: It's actually more of an avocado.

Lawyer Ted: You don't seem particularly goth and I don't think you have your own van, so...

Claire: My Dad was a funeral director.

Lawyer Ted: Uh...Really

Claire: Yeah, I grew up in a funeral home, I still live in a funeral home.

Lawyer Ted: Wow...with dead bodies and everything.

Claire: Yeah.

Lawyer Ted: Isn't that kind of scary?

Claire, gesturing wide-eyed at the cubicles that surround them: Not compared to this!

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