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The Police at Dodger Stadium

This weekend we made the trek to see The Police at Dodger Stadium in L.A. I also took advantage of the opportunity to go see my old haunts.

We left early Saturday morning and arrived at almost 1 pm. We first went to Culver City and saw my very first apartment as an adult (well, a young adult at 17). We took some pictures of the building which I'll post at the end behind a cut.

Then we walked across Venice Blvd to the side where the Hare Krishna temple is, on Watseka Avenue. We used their bathroom, in fact. I caught a glimpse of the Deities, Rukmini and Dwarakadisa, and bowed my head and took a picture. I didn't go into the temple since I would have had to take off my shoes and there wasn't a good place to sit down and put them back on. I used to sit on the shallow steps, but this body is quite a bit older now and I didn't feel like getting back up off the ground.

We went to see my old bookstore, The Bodhi Tree, and I bought a card of Kuan Yin painted in a really intriguing way. I'll scan it at some point. The Bodhi Tree is where I bought my midwifery books when I was pregnant with my children, and later I brought my children there too. I can't remember how many books I acquired there. We used to spend hours there and they offered free herbal tea. Then we'd walk down the street to the large cobalt blue building where Aunt Tilly's health food store was housed and buy something to eat from their deli. The other half of the "we" I am talking about was my first husband, Mahasraya.

Dave and I got something to eat and drove down towards Venice Beach, and started looking for motels. We found a nice one off Washington and got settled, took a nap, then headed for the concert.

Normally our route there would take 20 minutes. It took over two hours with traffic crawling along, and once we were near the stadium traffic continued to crawl in to parking lots. It seems that the sold out event totally overwhelmed their resources to direct traffic and people. It got even worse when the concert ended. People were bottlenecked in the hallway and unable to get to the exits, were being given misinformation, the security staff were irritable and didn't seem to know how to take charge and get people where they needed to go. The fanss had been drinking throughout the evening and so they were not inclined to be patient and reasonable. It became a tense seen and we began to wonder if someone would be crushed by the crowd or if fights would break out.

Outside in the parking lots cars were just sitting there, barely moving towards the arteries out of the complex towards the freeways. When we arrived I had had to hop out of the car to find a rest room and Dave continued on to try to find a handicapped spot or something remotely near the building. No such luck. So when we got out, I had to hike around the stadium and up a hill quite a distance (several blocks worth at least). I kept resting along the way so it took forever, but since the traffic was crawling we were in no hurry to join them. At one point we asked security if there was a cart but they said they couldn't even use them because they would be blocked by traffic.

Finally we reached the car and sat down, waiting until things cleared out a bit. We finally got on our way and got something to eat before heading "home."

The concert itself was wonderful, Sting's voice was in good form and they did most of the songs we wanted to hear. There's a review at thepolice.com. It was worth the drive and we were happy after missing them previously to have a second chance to see them. They did three encores! It was incredible. They had a great light show as part of their concert, though I have to say Pink Floyd outdid them in that regard. :)

I would advise anyone going to see them on this tour to leave very early and get there before the crush of cars, allow well over 2 hours if you anticipate getting there for the opening bands or before the Police come on. They seem to be delaying their own start (The Police, that is) by half an hour because I think they've been informed that fans are not getting there on time with the traffic delays. And don't drink much or take a diuretic before you leave home! I was starting to look at bushes longingly as we were stuck in traffic...

I didn't take a camera into the concert but here are other travel pics, behind a cut.

Hare Krishna temple sign:

My old apartment building at 3816 Watseka Ave, that's Dave at the top by the door to #9, my first apartment:

This is the door (first picture) and then the front (second picture) of the apartment we moved to just before my son was born, and he was born in this apartment. We had unit number two, and that is the door my ex threatened to break down and kill me before the police could get there if I called them. It's also the place where he choked me when I was pregnant with my daughter. The street is Durango Avenue, by National.

This building used to be a golden color when we lived their, with maroon doors.

My favorite L.A. Bookstore--The Bodhi Tree:

and a peek inside the temple room at the Hare Krishna temple, having a mid-day ceremony:

(The mid-day arati isn't as well attended as the early morning or evening ones, people are off working.)

And last, my valiant chauffeur, Dave:

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