Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Summer Solstice Collage

Mind the fairy dust (behind the cut so it won't mess up your layout):

another view:

The larger verses are the Goddess Doxology, the smaller verse is this quote:

Ask within for her advice, she is the Mother of the ages, Nothing surprises her. She has seen it all. --Clarissa Pinkola Estes


A Feminist Version of the Doxology

A different verse for each of the 4 seasons

by Louise Budde DeLaurentis

Praise Goddess from whom blessing flows
Praise Her as New Moon's crescent glows
Praise Her in promises of Earth
Praise Goddess bringing us re-birth

Praise Goddess from whom blessings flow
Praise Her as fruits and flowers grow
Praise Her in sunlight's warm expanse
Praise Work and Life's recurring dance

Praise Goddess from whom blessings flow
Praise Her in autumn's changing glow
Praise Her while gathering seeds
Praise Mystery our spirit needs

Praise Goddess from whom blessings flow
Praise Her when winds of winter blow
Praise Her when darkness is our guest
Praise Goddess bringing season's rest

Tags: doxology, fairies, goddess, summer solstice collage

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