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Ghost stories from cast of 1408

From Scifiweekly:

1408 Stars Really Believe

Samuel L. Jackson and John Cusack, stars of the upcoming supernatural horror film 1408, told SCI FI Wire that they believe in spooks similar to those that haunt the movie's title hotel room.

"I think there's definitely stuff going on beyond our senses," Cusack said in an interview. He plays a ghost debunker who winds up having close encounters with the real deal. "I probably start where he ends up, so I don't relate to it that way. I definitely think there's much more than meets the eye here."

Jackson plays a hotel clerk who tries to warn Cusack's character about the dangers in room 1408 of the fictional New York Dolphin Hotel. He said his upbringing in rural Tennessee exposed him to all sorts of psychic phenomena. "I was told ghost stories at night by my grandfather and his brothers," he said. "There were people who died in our neighborhood that we saw long after they were dead. If you were out at night and looking around the wrong place, doing something wrong, and you'd look up, and there would be that lady who used to call your house and tell your mother you were doing something wrong, even though she's dead and she's not supposed to be here, but there she is."

Cusack said his character Mike Eslin "is this very terrifically cynical character that is basically daring the gods or the devils to come and show themselves. ... He's just screaming: 'Show me there's something out there in the universe.' Because he suffered the loss of his daughter. So to go from a very worldly, cynical, bring-it-on kind of a guy and to totally break him down and have him be a true believer by the end is a pretty fun journey."

Jackson said his experience with the paranormal doesn't make him any less scared. "Fearless? No. No," he said. "I'm quite the opposite of fearless. Well, yeah, I'm the guy that sits in the horror movie and says 'Don't go in the dark room. You're safe in this particular place right here, stay there until it gets light and call somebody or do something, but don't go in the dark room.'"

Jackson added: "Even in my house, if I'm at home by myself in my house here in Beverly Hills, my house is big enough that if I hear something down the hall, I'll just stay in my room. ... I'm not going to go down the hall to see if something's not right. I'm not that interested." 1408, based on a Stephen King short story, opens June 22.
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