Tapati (tapati) wrote,

A Hell of a Woman

I encountered this poem by Jonelle Maison years ago.

Lilith was the first woman, made at the same time, from the same stuff as Adam. So, when Adam refused her equality and forced her to lie under him, Lilith spoke the forbidden name of god and flew from Eden. In mythology she became the Succubus, shown as a winged woman with taloned feet. The stories differ, and I have selected from among them. Sanvi, Sansanvi, Semangelaf are the angels sent by god to bring Lilith back to Adam.

A Hell of a Woman

You gotta give it to Lilith,
she was a hell of a woman.

Said she'd rather
fuck demons on the beach
than lie under the belly
of that whiner Adam

and flew from paradise.

Told God's angels to
shove it
when they came to get her back,

Listen to me now, while you still can.

The original sin was rape
and God has chosen Adam.

From here we begin. This wound
unhealed between man and woman
draws out the world.

I am the first woman. And the last.

My children may be sterile as
die each evening with the sun,
but I continue.

You will see me soon, looking
with the eyes of sweet-faced Eve
when Adam breaks another covenant
as easily as teeth break the fruit's skin.

I am always here.
Justice owed
and justice withheld.

I see my place in history:
the forgotten metaphor
living with the beasts in the desert.
You'll try to erase the sound of my
call me Witch.
Queen of Ghosts, Mother
of Terror.

Then you come here, wanting
that I will not harm Adam's seed,
will not steal from another
woman's cradle.

Go ahead. Write your names over
if you think it will keep them safe.

Sanvi. Sansanvi, Semangelaf.

The syllables curl and fade,
grow old as children.

And what do you ask of me
after the eight days have set?

I am the Night Hag.

Patient as memory, I wait at the
visit your men in the dark,
they have reason to fear.
I bring them a sleep restful as my

Go back now. I'm through talking.

Tell God for me,
this fight goes on as long as it must.
Let him make Eve, thinking to
this treachery. Let him make laws
declaring the mud's mistake.

In every generation
there is a woman
who belong to me.
Tags: a hell of a woman, jonelle maison, lilith, poetry

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