Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Dec 2, 2008

Next year I will turn 50. I still remember the heart surgeon who told me I wouldn't reach 50 if I didn't get to my "normal" weight. (Honey, I left normal behind a long time ago.)

So I want to do something special for it and would welcome ideas. I wish for the zillionth time that my birthday didn't come during depressive winter. (Huh, maybe I should head south for a week or so before my birthday to get out of the winter blues.)

My mom used to make cupcakes every year and send them to school for my birthday in a cool tupperware container made just for cupcakes. I saw the cupcake cookbook and blog and then saw this picture for yummy pistachio rose cupcakes:

Mmmmmmm, I would die for the recipe!

So whatever else I do, I want to find a good bakery that is happy to do fancy cupcakes, maybe a variety. I have also toyed with the idea of a retreat at a B & B, or hiring a band and having a big party somewhere. I figure that all those people who would come to a funeral ought to come to this party so I can enjoy their presence while I'm alive.
Tags: 50th birthday, cupcakes
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