Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Interesting dialogue about health, fat, and beauty standards

Debra Dickerson had an interesting article in Salon about the acceptance and even encouragement black women receive for being large. She points out the health problems in the black community which are exacerbated by "obesity." (A term I hate but it's the only medical term for it.) One wonderful large woman wrote a thoughtful response to her article which Debra included in her blog under the title: Now, even I wish my vacation was as hot as it was. I personally did not feel that Debra was coming from a fat phobic perspective so much as being genuinely concerned that black women were going to die young with the epidemic of high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes in the black population. I don't think women should either be encouraged to be fat or discouraged from being fat. Be as healthy in your lifestyle as you can be and let your weight take care of itself!

ETA: Debra posted my comment with a positive response. My effort to link directly to the blog post seems to not be working right now so I changed the link, above, to go to her blog generally and included the title of that particular post.
Tags: black women, body image, fat acceptance, fat phobia, health, heart disease

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