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30 May 2007 @ 01:47 am
When I was a teenager I got involved with Krsna Consciousness (or Gaudiya Vaishnavism) with a friend named Carolyn after we listened to George Harrison's music and read about Hinduism. We encountered the book "A Soul's Journey" and later found ISKCON through Spiritual Sky incense. Later my friend was essentially deprogrammed by her family and stopped speaking to me, but I never forgot her. She spoke to me briefly in 1977 after I had moved to Los Angeles, then stopped once again. In 1985 I saw her on July 4th when I was working at a battered women's shelter next door to her family home. She walked by me and didn't speak, though I was clearly visible on the porch and her sister later said "Hi" to me. For a brief time her little girl came over to play with my children, who were slightly older. She was a little blond girl who looked just like her mother.

In any event, it was hard to get over the loss of this important friendship and I always wondered why and what she was doing. A few times I tried writing to her in care of her parents, never knowing if my letters reached her. Finally I gave up.

Yesterday I ran across the card she made me for Krishna's Appearance Day in 1974, the first time we celebrated it together. I just scanned the whole card in 4 parts. Most important is the poem she wrote to me and the cover is pretty creative too--she was always very artistic. I guess I'm in a nostalgic mood tonight.

Behind the cut to spare your bandwidth and friends' page--


Inside cover:

Facing page with poem:

Back of card: