Tapati (tapati) wrote,

A lesson in risk-taking

Once upon a time I had a good friend who was a gifted poet. However, I could never talk her into sending any of them in for publication. She gave me one of them, formatted in the "olden" days by hand into a circle that fit the subject of the poem perfectly.

Later our friendship ended under difficult circumstances. I always remembered the positive things in spite of my sense of betrayal, and I hung onto this poem as well as some of her prized recipes. She died a few years ago of cancer.

I think this is a good example of why women should take more risks and speak out, get published, create art, do what they are afraid to do. Who knows how much time we have? What do our fears cost us? What does the world lose when we hold back? This is a lesson I myself try to learn over and over again, so I am not trying to say that I always set a good example. I think it is one of our collective struggles, particularly those of us who were raised to be quiet "good" girls and not make waves or show off.

Her name was Barbara and this is her poem "Walking The Circle," behind the cut:

I am in a scanning mood as I go through my papers and am choosing some things I'd like to back up in digital form. I may post a few more finds like this soon.
Tags: barbara, fear, poem, walking the circle

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