Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Odds and Ends

I love to collect quotes and snatches of verse that I find inspiring. Here are a few:

Pagan Work Ethic (author unknown)

Do What You Like--Like What You Do
Do What You Want--Want What You Do
Do What You Must--Must You Do It?
Do It Well--Or Don't Do It


Charlie's Law

Everything turns out right...when you let it.

If you need something, it will come to you.
Just when you think you've run out of time, you're done.
When faced with a difficult task, start.
If at first you don't succeed, relax and you will.
You are the person you'd like to become.
Everything you do that comes from love, works.
When life seems overwhelming, do less.
If you reach the end of your rope, let go and fly.
When you choose peace, you get peace.
Live each day as if it were your first.
When you let go, you feel joy.

(Charlies Law Inc.)


I have come to believe over and over again that what is most important to me must be spoken, made verbal and shared, even at the risk of having it bruised or misunderstood. That the speaking profits me, beyond any other effect the silence will not protect you. --Audre Lorde
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