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The last few weeks I have had severe headaches nearly every day. If I seem at all antisocial or cranky that's why. I am keeping a headache journal finally (in private entries so as not to bore everyone else) and also trying some things with my diet to identify possible triggers--besides my air pressure trigger.

I used to get better in the summer months, but this summer although it's been slightly better than winter I am still having them pretty regularly, especially this month.

I am also getting acupuncture but even my TCM doc is worried because they aren't responding. I promised to go back to my primary care physician (family doc) and talk to him, although I feel like I've had that conversation many times now and what I get is a vicodin prescription which doesn't do much of anything. Ibuprofen does a bit more but tears up my stomach...so I can't take it often.

So I'm beginning to feel rather desperate. All year I've functioned on less than all four cylinders and I'm tired of feeling like half a person or less.
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