Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Second guessing or hindsight is 20/20

I am already tired of everyone saying that the campus police at Virginia Tech should have waved a magic wand and closed down a huge commuter campus after one body was found in what looked to them like an isolated, personally motivated murder. Given that the "person of interest" in the first murder doesn't match witness descriptions of the shooter, it seems unlikely that they were even related. Most campuses do not close down when a murder is discovered, and in fact the same parents that are going to complain about it NOT closing down are the ones who would have registered a complaint if their little baby was traumatized by hearing about a murder on campus, especially while in their dorms.

Even if they'd started to shut the campus down, it is unlikely they would have succeeded before the shooting in the relatively short time between incidents and given that most students were driving to school during this time.

There are no safe places. It can happen at McDonald's, the post office, college, high school, random restaurants--anywhere. We'd like to second guess them because it would make us feel nominally safer if we identify something that could have been done.
Tags: shootings, virginia tech

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