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A Happy, Productive Beltane

This Beltane was the last of 4 days I took off. I got a lot done during this long weekend and today (since my Beltane day has not ended yet) I set up my new altar I purchased Thursday. Finally I have a table suitable for my old altar layout. I have my spiral of small stones once again. I set it up in the living room where I can see it easily as I am on the computer, and it is so beautiful it draws my eyes frequently.

I have been looking through and continuing to sort my papers, photos, writing, and family history information. I am trying to organize this material and preparing to write up a family history for my grandsons.

I spent time with my grandsons, Jonathan and Valente, yesterday. They are growing so fast. I love how attached they are to Dave, just as I loved my step-grandpa dearly. I had no sense that he was a "step" and in fact didn't realize that for many years. They also simply know Dave as Grandpa and it is wonderful to watch him playing cars with them.

For the most part the weather has been good and we drove to a nearby city for a concert (sorry for my vagueness but I have to consider security) on Thursday. That's when I found the table for my altar.

My energy has been much improved and I attribute it to the acupuncture, which I started after my blood count was already in the normal range. At the time I started I still felt weak and tired. I noticed an immediate improvement, which I didn't even expect. I am happy with my treatments and the TCM doc I see.

So I am content and well rested and Dave and I had a wonderful time over the weekend. I treasure days like these and know how precious they are. I wish everyone could be this happy.

Happy Beltane!
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