Tapati (tapati) wrote,

Chavi Day

I've been thinking about her off and on all day, and then someone posted Celtee's poem about her on PC and I remembered that I hadn't said anything here since earlier last month when I thought of the upcoming day. Chavi was a great loss to the world, though she died so young the world didn't get a chance to find out about her yet. Those of us who were lucky enough to share her life online or off were fortunate indeed. I met her when she was already receiving treatment for the cancer that ultimately killed her. She got diagnosed and treated late because her ex-husband chose to buy an expensive parrot with money that was supposed to enable her to go to a doctor and find out what was wrong. She could have been overwhelmed with bitterness, but other than appropriate anger I never saw her give in to might-have-beens or wallow in what would have been righteous indignation.

Nor did she pretend that everything was all right with any sort of false cheerfulness. She walked just the right line between "this sucks" and "I'm not going to let it get me down" that I only wish I could walk.

So Chavi, I will be thinking of you each April 1st, wondering how I can bring more of your spirit to my life, and I will be looking to see you when I cross to the other side. Bright Blessings!
Tags: chavi

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